Our Wood

Seasoned Dry, Shed Stored Firewood

Yes, our firewood is Dry! Storcon Firewood strives to provide the best quality dry firewood.

We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. By the time we split our firewood, logs have been seasoned in our yard for at least 12 – 24 months depending on the type of wood.

Our split firewood selection is naturally air-dried for 5-7 months before being shifted into an extensive amount of shed storage, ensuring we have a dry firewood supply all through winter.

We are an ECAN-accredited trusted Good Wood Merchant.

Which wood is right for you?

Bluegum & Beech/ Natives

Dense hardwoods for slow burning fires with maximum heat output, will burn best when added to a glowing ember base built from softer woods. The long burning attributes means less trips to the woodshed! Higher cost up front but best value for money.

Macrocarpa & Oregon

Medium density firewood that is suitable for starting your fire with ease, burns longer and hotter than softwoods. Macrocarpa is not suitable for open fires as it has a tendency to spark.

Pine & Poplar

Soft woods that are great for getting the fire started. Will burn quicker than other wood varieties, for a longer burn pair with either a medium or hard density wood.

What are the differences in dryness?

Dry It Yourself (DIY)

Best value option when buying your firewood. Ready for burning Autumn/ Winter 2024. Drying instructions provided upon delivery.

Semi Dry

Ready for burning Autumn/ Winter 2024. A portion of the mix is dry and the other portion will need further drying before it can be stored away for winter. Store in a well ventilated area, ideally where there is sun.


Seasoned dry and ready to burn now!

Kiln Dried

Dried through a kiln at high temperatures where moisture is removed from the wood. Ready to burn now.

Wood Size

Our firewood is split to approximately 30cm long, you will receive a mix of chunky, medium, and smaller pieces.

We do our very best to make sure you receive a good range of sizes but there are some factors that are out of our control and each load will vary. A greater amount of smaller pieces doesn’t mean you are receiving less firewood, these fill the gaps between the larger pieces so you actually end up with more wood!

Our splitters are set to one size and we do not intentionally split small and medium size pieces, these are a by-product depending on log shape, size, dryness, and what machine the firewood has been split on.

Wood Sizes

Wood Measure

We sell our firewood by the cubic metre = 1m3. Back in the day firewood was sold by the cord, 1 cord is equivalent to 3.6m3. Firewood is sold as a loose measure or thrown measure – this means firewood is thrown in the truck, not stacked. Stacking it will reduce the volume by approximately 30%, however each load will vary (3 cubic metres of thrown wood is roughly equivalent to 2 cubic metres stacked). To picture what 1m3 looks like, imagine a 1m x 1m x 1m box with wood thrown into it.
Wood Measure Illustration

Firewood Tips

Storing your firewood

We recommend stacking your wood where it gets good air flow and shelter from the rain i.e an open ended or open front wood shed, carport or similar – not in a garage or fully enclosed shed. Ideally stacked off the ground like on a pallet or layer of bricks to prevent moisture being drawn up the wood pile.

Chimney Cleaning

Ensure you have your chimney swept at least once a year. Chimney sweeping is not only essential for keeping your fire clean and more efficient at burning firewood, but also to reduce the risk of a chimney fire. Many people choose to get their chimney swept during summer so that it is ready for the next burning season.