Firewood Delivery Terms & Conditions

It is understood when purchasing firewood or wood products from Storcon Firewood that you have read and agreed to the following Terms and Conditions. 

Firewood order
-Booking a delivery date & time online via the order page is only a request and times are not confirmed until you receive a booking confirmation from a member of our team.

-are subject to change without notice.
-delivery fees may apply and will be stated in the checkout process.
-goods purchased must be delivered within a reasonable timeframe, to a maximum of 21 days unless agreed upon.
-seasonal pricing tiers apply reflecting dryness of product and business costs incurred.
-goods purchased must be delivered within its current pricing tier.

Dry firewood
-is defined as firewood with a moisture content of 25% or less.

Dry it yourself Firewood & Semi-Dry Firewood
-The customer takes full responsibility for the firewood being stored correctly in a well-ventilated area to ensure it fully dries.

Firewood Deliveries
– Our delivery service is for the firewood to be tipped off at a place of your choosing as long as it is accessible by our delivery vehicles.
– We are unable to tip off firewood under carports or in a garage.
– Storcon Firewood takes no responsibility for driveway damage if customer instructions require the delivery truck to drive off the edge onto a grassed area.

Firewood Payment
– Storcon Firewood accepts payment by direct debit transfer, cash on delivery, or debit/credit card payment where the surcharge is passed on to the customer.
-Direct debit transfers are expected to be paid prior to delivery.
-Failure to make payment upon delivery will incur a cancellation fee.

Cancellation Fees

-Order cancelled after the truck is loaded but the truck is still at the yard will incur a $30 fee.
-Order cancelled after the truck is loaded and in transit or reached location of delivery will incur a minimum fee of $60, the fee will be calculated on whether the firewood on the truck is mixed.

Concerns & Complaints
-If you have any concerns with your firewood, please get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can help remediate the issue. Please note, this must be done within 30 days of the purchase date.