Storcon Christchurch Firewood Suppliers

Based in Christchurch we are a family owned and operated firewood supply business, a branch of our civil contracting company Storcon Ltd which has been around for 30 years.

We started in the industry getting our trees from site clears and developments, at the time firewood supply was in shortage in Christchurch and its surrounding areas and we wanted to put the trees to good use. Now we purchase our trees south island wide, logging them back to our yard where they sit to be seasoned and ready to be split. 

  • Black Poplar

    Sold Out
  • Pine

    Sold Out
  • Macro

    Sold Out
  • Oregon

    Sold Out
  • Beech/ Natives

    Sold Out
  • Small Split Beech/ Natives

  • Blue Gum

    $155 m3
  • Mixed Kindling Bag

    Sold Out
  • Large Chopping Block

  • Sawdust

    $20 m3 or $4 Bag

Family Owned and Operated