We supply quality firewood that is shed stored, clean and dry to the Christchurch area and surroundings.

We offer a variety of different woods at affordable prices all year round.

Our firewood is moved into shed storage before April to ensure we have dry wood all through Winter.

Wood size - We cut all our firewood to approximately 30cm Lengths.


Poplar is our cheapest option. It burns hot and fast, good to start and form a base before adding one of our harder woods such as Macro, Blue gum or Beech.


A popular wood to get your fire burning as it catches a light easily. It is a quicker burning wood, we recommend burning it with a mix of one of our harder woods.


A medium density wood it is slower burning than pine, your fire will burn for longer and release more heat than poplar and pine. Also makes a good burning mix with Pine.


Our harder woods, they burn longer and hotter and will need to be added to a good base (E.g Pine base) for the wood to burn to its full potential. Better value for money in the long run.



We recommend to stack your wood where it gets good air flow and shelter from the rain i.e an open ended or open front wood shed, carport or similar – not in a garage or fully enclosed shed. Especially during the winter period as the conditions are naturally damper.

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